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A House in the Hills John Sumner

A House in the Hills

John Sumner

Published March 5th 2013
ISBN : 9781909593695
386 pages
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 About the Book 

A House in the Hills is set in Spain, and is a story about Ted and a lady called Ross who meet accidently outside a shop. Ted is a retired vice-president of a building company, and befriends Ross who is in Spain to escape from her abusive husband. He helps her to renovate the finca she has bought, and during the time they work together, they realise that they are getting romantically close. Her trust in him is shown when she confesses her horrific past. Within the book, Ross tells Ted about her life with her abusive husband. The story she relates is actually a true story, and was told to the author when he was doing volunteer work at a hostel for abused ladies. The names have obviously been changed, as are the places mentioned. The final outcome though, is pure fiction. The person who told the author of that part of her life had given her permission for him to use it as part of a story. John Sumner is in his seventies, and a retired Baker and Technical College Lecturer. He currently lives part of the year in Spain, where he took up writing as a hobby. A House in the Hills is his first book to be published, and could be followed by the sequel, Teds Return. He has completed four books with another in the pipeline, all of which may be published at a later date.