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عطيل / Othello William Shakespeare

عطيل / Othello

William Shakespeare

Published 1990
160 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Not trying to upset Proust or Joyce, but these days, its Shakespeare whos been taking me to bed every night. Hes become part of my daily routine and his are my last conscious thoughts before departing to dreamland. Granted, it could be another playwriter or even a regular book. All I need really are small chapters that I can finish quickly when slumbers tentacles start to wrap my body and their calming effects slowly soothe my mind. But its been Shakespeare... and any insomniac whos recently found a new drug isnt willing to give it up that easily. So Shakespeare stays.Ive recently finished Hamlet and King Lear and rated them 5 stars for I truly considered them nothing short of amazing plays, but I confess so much has been written about them, not only in amazing reviews but also in other literary classics that Im not sure I have much to add. Plus - while I enjoy writing my usual ramblings about books I just finished, I try to keep this exercise as natural as possible and avoid turning it into a mandatory thing - my feelings about them were not necessarily words - or known words, and I dont want to emulate Joyces style by having a review filled with weenybeenyveenyteeny. So I let them be, aware that they might come back as ghosts to haunt me at anytime.Jealousy is often only an uneasy need to be tyrannical, applied to matters of love.Marcel Proust, La PrisonnièreOthello, however, has its plot centered around one of my favorite subjects - and on that I always have one or two things to say: jealousy and its outcomes. Ah, that powerful, destroying force that can conjure up hurricanes in sealed bedrooms where the wind wouldnt possibly get in otherwise. That overwhelming emotion that can spontaneously generate - or mutate - fear, anxiety and insecurity out of nothing.My jealousy was born of mental images, a form of self torment not based upon probability.Marcel Proust, La PrisonnièreA mind affecting virus - and the powers of the mind are unlimited, specially when its running unbridled, wildly on its own - thats invisible, a quality that makes it even more dangerous. Could our eyes perceive jealousy - they can only see its effects after it has taken over its victims - or had it a distinct color or even a form that we could see surrounding the jealous, Desdemona perhaps wouldve not been blindsided the way she was by Othello, and Othello perhaps wouldve been able to escape Iagos double-dealings.Jealousy, which wears a bandage over its eyes, is not merely powerless to discover anything in the darkness that enshrouds it, it is also one of those torments where the task must be incessantly repeated, like that of the Danaids, or of Ixion.Marcel Proust, La PrisonnièreIve read some criticism cast upon Othello (the play) because of how easily he (the character) believes in Iagos schemes and lies. Never, not even for one second, I could doubt the realism of Shakespeares plot (of course, some of the drama is over the top, but still...) As much as insecurity can act as an inflammatory factor for a little kid to believe hes seeing monsters when hes all alone up in his room, watching different and unsettling shadows dance on his walls, it can also - for a person whos jealous is merely insecure - make a handkerchief look like an indisputable evidence of guilt in the court of jealousy.For what we suppose to be our love or our jealousy is never a single, continuous and indivisible passion. It is composed of an infinity of successive loves, of different jealousies, each of which is ephemeral, although by their uninterrupted multiplicity they give us the impression of continuity, the illusion of unity.Marcel Proust, Swanns WayHad it not been written a couple of centuries before Proust was even born, I would suspect Iago read In Search of Lost Time. Not only he understood how jealousy works - he himself was suffering from it - but he also devised a plan that would grant him his revenge by using its vigorous strengths. His only downfall was not foreseeing jealousy would eventually be up against other powers, as it happens constantly in lifes battles.Rating: for yet another masterful play, with great lines and for allowing me to connect his work to my favorite author: 5 stars.