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Summersea Samantha Harte


Samantha Harte

Published December 1st 1988
ISBN : 9780770110529
0 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Betz Witherspoon isn’t looking forward to the long, hot summer ahead. Stuck at a high-class resort with her feisty young charge, Betz only decides enduring her precocious heiress’s mischief might be worth it when she meets the handsome and mysterious Adam Teague.Stealing away to the resort’s most secluded spots, the summer’s heat pales against the blaze of passion between Betz and Adam. But Betz finds her scorching romance beginning to fizzle as puzzling events threaten the future of her charge. To survive the season, Betz will have to trust the enigmatic Adam…and her own heart.