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Globetrotter Travel Diary Bruce Elder

Globetrotter Travel Diary

Bruce Elder

Published April 1st 1998
ISBN : 9781853684340
80 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

Take a character as multi-dimensional as Tony Soprano. Pair him with a mother and daughter in peril and on the run. Add a clinical psychologist tasked with helping them negotiate their new lives - a program with an agenda all its own - and the result is a book that Stephen Whites peers are already calling one of the best thrillers you will ever read (William Bernhardt) and an exciting ride through a dark region of law enforcement. (Peter Abrahams). When New Orleans District Attorney Kirsten Lord and her nine-year-old daughter are imperiled by a chillingly believable death threat, Lord has no other choice but to accept the Witness Protection Programs offer to hide them in Boulder, Colorado. There, they meet program veteran Carl Luppo, a solitary mob hit man who is tormented by his former life and has nothing but time for regret. Sensing that Lord and her daughters safety has been compromised, Luppo takes on the role of sentinel, fully realizing this might be his last shot at redemption. While Lord suspects that Luppos warnings about the programs dark side are for her own protection and that she should believe the former assassins instincts, the only person she can really trust is nine-years-old.