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Rancher Series, Complete Books 1-4 Jeanne Harrell

Rancher Series, Complete Books 1-4

Jeanne Harrell

Kindle Edition
649 pages
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 About the Book 

The Rancher Series is the story of the Johnson family of Naples, Nevada. Sandy and Lily Johnson have six children who grow up to be many things indeed. Meet Colt the horse whisperer, Jesse the horseman, Meg the chef, Miles the author, Joey the landscape artist and Janie the deputy sheriff. Their lives and loves are chronicled in this first volume.Ranchers Girl - When pretty Lily Cable moves to a small town in Nevada to rebuild her life, the last thing on her mind was falling for local rancher, Sandy Johnson. Neither was remotely interested in romance but they had more in common than they thought: hes a cowboy poet and she loved Jane Austen novels. They might have had a chance when old family secrets are exposed that throw their love in jeopardy.Whisperer - When horse trainer Colt Johnson decides to strike out on his own, he leaves Nevada for northern California and meets pretty Mandy Evans, a childrens counselor. They find love riding horses in the hills by Donner Lake, but could lose it when outside problems interfere.Always and Forever - Meg Johnson lives a good life in San Francisco as a chef in a great seafood restaurant in Fishermans Wharf. After attending the double wedding of her beloved older brothers in Nevada, she envies their happiness. Meg opens her heart to a relationship and meets two unique men who woo her in very different ways. She chooses one, upsetting the other, and her love life goes into a tailspin. Meg must find resources deep within to chart her own course and decide whats right for her.Being Emma - Janie Johnson is an independent and headstrong young woman. Being a deputy sheriff in a small town keeps her busy, as does training for the state archery tournament in Las Vegas. She cant stop interfering with her friendss lives and her world gets shaken to the core when family friend, Craig Ferguson, takes her to task. She meets well driller, Mike Church, and life just gets more complicated. Janie has built her life on control and now shes at risk of losing it all.